Intro to Agrimon

Intro to Agrimon

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Agrimon is the world of the, OF ANCIENT PASSAGES novel, written by C. R. Powers. Copyright by C. R. Powers.

Any fraud, theft or taking of names or ideas herein lets me take you to court to all the measure of the law.

This wiki was created for the sole purpose by the author for the author. offers a resource that no other site has and I found it to be very valuable in terms of collectings thoughts.

Wiki created on Monday, April 30th, 2012

Random FactsEdit

Jadus is the only active second generation malaphant.

Ryuube blood is purple.

The Ancients reside on Recron.

By the age of 12, Kodanomis have an uncontrollable killing urge that never comes again.

Jasper Lemonte (former Helengate Captain) was the master of the singblade.

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